It is no secret that you can do very well blogging for money. So now everyone wants to learn how, and I don’t blame them. But, in this article I would like to point out the ingredients that make the best tutorial guide about blogging for the beginning blogger.

There is lots of opportunity to make some real money blogging. Many people have started with nothing and have become a success, seemingly overnight. Needless to say, this “golden opportunity” has spawned countless products aimed at teaching the blogging newbie just how to succeed at this lucrative trade.

But, like any other market, a lot of these products aren’t worth the digital pages they’re printed on.

I would like to point out to you, from experience, what you should look for in a product that claims to teach blogging, if you truly want to be successful at blogging for money!

Blogging like a pro is more than just setting up a blog, (anyone can do that), and making a couple of posts, and then writing some articles to submit to Article Directories in the hopes of driving traffic to your blog.

In a nutshell; It takes perseveranceknow how, and smarts to make money with a blog over the long haul.

Here is what you want to look out for, when buying a blogging tutorial, or “how to” guide.


To begin with, you need a blogging guide, tutorial or coach that can show you how to set up a blog that’s not susceptible to being hacked by every two bit hacker and his brother on the planet.


I’ve seen so-called experts, who sell blogging “how to” guides for 30 and 40 dollars, and teach their students how to install blogs using Fantastico, a program that is included in most half-decent hosting accounts.

But they fail to tell their students how to secure their blog against hackers, and Fantastico WordPress installs are famous for being easily hacked.

Most of these so call “experts” won’t even show you how to back up your blog’s files, so that should the unthinkable happen, (server crash, or malicious hacker attack), you can get your blog back into cyber space again.

These self-proclaimed blogging gurus will gladly tell you that you should write articles, and join social book marketing sites, and pick your keywords appropriately, and on and on and on, with their rhetoric…

And they will charge you a small fortune for their self-proclaimed, profound, and earth shattering knowledge.


But I wonder, if they can’t or won’t teach you how to properly set up a blog, then how much of their “other” information is worth the outrageous amounts of money they are prepared to charge you for it?


To learn about blogging for money, here’s what you want to look for.

1.) Find a guide, preferably a video tutorial, that will teach you exactly how to set up a blog that is secure from hackers. (Blogging platforms, like WordPress, are very susceptible to hacker attacks when installed using the popular installer, “Fantastico”)

2.) Find the blogging coach, or tutorial guide that WILL teach you how, and why to back up your blog. (Do NOT leave this up to chance!).

3.) Look for a blogging coaching guide that will give you a real plan for putting content on your blog. (Most of these guys just say “keep your blog updated with fresh content”, but there’s lots more to it than that).

4.) Look for a blogging tutorial that will tell you exactly how to promote, and market your blog… (not just some general advice that you can find for free at any blogging forum).

5.) Look for a blogging guide that will tell you exactly what plugins to use to make your blog search engine friendly, as well as interactive with the visitors to your blog. (most of these experts just say to use a couple of plugins everyone knows about, and they leave it at that).


“Do these gurus who write this junk really know how to blog themselves, or are they just selling you a burnt out eBook they found somewhere, and then rewrote?”


To make a long story short, it is not easy finding a blogging tutorial guide that will really teach you how to start blogging for money successfully, but it can be done.

Don’t just fall for the first well written sales page you click on.

You’ll recognize the phony sales pages. They come with all kinds of outrageous promises, and pictures of the authors PayPal account, showing you how much money he made last month or last week with their blog.


Remember, you can do just about anything with graphics. Anybody can make it appear like they’ve taken in a million dollars through PayPal with the right graphics editor.


Use discernment and common sense when buying a tutorial that is supposed to teach you anything about marketing online. You can’t make money spending all your money on junk!

And keep this in mind when searching out a tutorial that will teach you blogging for money, “all that glitters isn’t necessarily gold”!

Needless to say, there are a lot of bogus blogging for money guides available online. It’s not easy finding one that is going to show you what you really need to know about setting up a blog, and making money with it.