If you’re looking for an iPod at a cheap price, trying iPod auctions might be your best bet. Everything else gets sold at online auction sites, so why not iPods, too?

iPod auctions are not new. In fact, people have been selling their old, gently used and refurbished iPods at auction sites ever since the first editions of the iPod came on the market. Every time someone upgrades to another iPod, they look to get rid of their older one. Most of them still work just fine – they are just being replaced by a faster, slimmer model. It just makes sense to selling ipod touch 5th gen to someone else who will enjoy the life they still have in them!

When someone considers an online auction, their first thought is eBay. But there are many other options, including Amazon, Overstock, and other sites that offer the best products at rock-bottom prices. Often they will have more than one product available, and will use a “buy it now” kind of offer to move the merchandise at a low price.

When you decide to look into an iPod auction, pay attention to who you are purchasing the item from. Take a look at their feedback and make sure you go for the person who has not only the most reasonable price, but the best feedback scores as well. That’s when you know you’ve found a great dealer you can trust! Check out the return policies as well. When you make a payment, either purchase optional auction insurance or make sure you use a credit card that allows coverage for faulty purchases – this protects you from a seller who refuses to refund your money.

Remember, all auctions are not created equal! Look at the fine print in the details. You might score an iPod Touch for 200 dollars, but wait – the other guy might offer the same model for the same price, but throw in an extra set of earbuds or a carrying case. Watch out for high shipping costs as well! The better deal is always the one where you get more bang for your buck, so make sure you pay attention to all the auctions that seem to look the same.

If you’re still hesitant to buy an iPod at an auction, consider this: The iPods put up for auction are usually very gently used, and they still play just fine. Sometimes you will find a refurbished iPod that looks like a brand new one, and it might well be – the original battery could have been faulty, or the click wheel might have been replaced. A refurbished iPod usually comes with a warranty from the person or company who is selling it, so make sure you check out the details before you enter a bid or make a purchase.

With a little patience and research, iPod auctions can be the best thing that has happened to your bank account in a long time. When you find the perfect iPod at the perfect discount price, you will be so proud of yourself for your smart purchase, you just might go back to iPod auctions for your next one!