You may think that all a good plumber needs are some wrenches and tools, but recently, the best local plumbers have used technology to increase the value of their services to customers. The advantages of hiring a plumber with access to te15chnology can vary with the kind of job, but the investment can make plumbing services more efficient and cost-effective. Look for these latest technological developments the next time you’re looking for a professional to fix your burst pipes or toilet repairs.

· Paperless Records System. Many companies are moving to paperless records systems, where all documents are created, filed, and stored electronically. The main advantage to the customer is that records are easily accessible. Whether there is a problem with a residential order, or you’re a general contractor looking for the results of the latest inspection, a paperless system means that the company can access what you need quickly and can send it to you electronically. This convenience can make a significant impact when choosing the right plumbing service.

· Company-Wide Smart Phone Usage. Technicians with access to smart phones offer numerous benefits on the job. This technology allows contractors to communicate with the home office quickly and efficiently. It grants them the capability to take a picture of the job site or a part that they might need, send it to the office, and have materials ordered and delivered in record time. It also allows your plumber to demonstrate the actual cost of any project, by pulling up pricing structures and labor cost estimates. All this information is available to the customer as they are trying to make decisions if the  Plumber Elderslie is plugged-in technologically.

· Signature Capture. Plumbing companies that use signature capture have the ability to fill out work order forms and other necessary documents electronically, dramatically increasing efficiency.

· Credit Card Capture. Credit card capture is a new development being utilized in the field so that customers can pay for services with ease. It decreases billing issues and reduces operating costs, passing savings on to you, the customer.

The most important thing when hiring a contractor is that they are knowledgeable and trustworthy, but companies that invest in technology are proving that they value their customers and their employees. Advances in technology create better experiences for everyone involved.