There are many important things to consider when working out exactly how to care for your precious bunny. Pets bring great joy to our lives, but there is also a responsibility to keep them healthy and happy. In order to make sure that your bunny has a good life, you need to think about diet, the rabbit enclosure, exercise and general interaction with your bunny.


The health and happiness of your pet is completely linked to the diet that you provide. A rabbit needs to be fed hay, dried commercial food and fresh produce in order to ensure that all the correct nutrients are being received. Hay is a very important dietary element because it provides your bunny with the fibre needed to keep the digestive track in good working order. You should give your rabbit approximately one bunny sized portion of hay per day. Another benefit of hay is that it will help to keep teeth to the correct length by wearing them down. Commercial pellets are readily available and act as a replacement for the rabbits ‘in the wild’ diet. Feed your rabbit approximately 50 grams of dry food per day. Finally, give your rabbit lots of fresh greens and carrots.

The Rabbit Enclosure

Most people will keep rabbits in a specially designed enclosure at night, and perhaps throughout the day. As well as ensuring that your rabbit has a dry, warm and comfortable best organic cbd for dogs environment to relax in, an enclosure will keep out any potential threats – such as the neighbour’s cat. The enclosure should be lined with plastic, newspaper and then hay for warmth and insulation. Place water and food in the enclosure and make sure that the roof is watertight. In winter, many people move the enclosure into an indoor area for additional warmth and comfort.


Bunnies have the potential to get very fat, very quickly. Unfortunately this can have a devastating effect on their health and well being. Supervised play is a great way to ensure that your bunny stays in tip top condition. You may even set up a ‘bunny run’ in your garden, with tempting toys and treats strategically placed to encourage movement.


Rabbits are very affectionate and social creatures and they like a great deal of interaction. You bunny will very quickly become bored and depressed if you leave him in his enclosure and don’t provide frequent interaction. If you have children, there will be no problem, because they will always want to play and care for the bunny. If you don’t have children, you may wish to consider another bunny for added companionship. Alternatively, you could invite the neighbour’s children to play with your rabbit.