Search phrase designer sunglasses in Google, you will get about 2 million pages matched for it, however change the phase to replica sunglasses, the result pages strikingly expand to 12 million – 6 times more than the former. Anyone who has business awareness then should know the phrase replica sunglasses has much more value than designer sunglasses, and thus much more competition.

What are replica sunglasses?

Replica sunglasses, also known as designer-inspired, namely mean they are styles that resemble top name brand designer off white sunglasses. but do not have brand names or the company logos. Another good indicator is the price, replica sunglasses are quite cheap, often a small fraction of the designer sunglasses polarized sunglasses for women’ price. For those who love high style but live on real-world budgets, replicas are affordable alternatives to their pricier counterparts. Unlike counterfeits what claim to be discount or overstocked designer glasses, replica sunglasses has no sign that they are related to or distributed by designer sunglasses, only inspired by them.

Why are they so hot?

The heat of replica sunglasses are mainly driven by two factors. First, the trend of designer sunglasses. People love to follow trends, especially that sunglasses is the most important fashion accessory. The key lies in that sunglasses can transfer wearer to anyone him/she likes in ultra easy and fast process. People love fashion, trends, not necessarily mean they are also loyal to brand names and price tags. Quite a lot of people like both replica and authentic ones.

The second factor is profits. Great profits hide in replica sunglasses market. As its prices are often fraction of designer sunglasses, and there are no big difference in their styles. Replica sunglasses are competitive in fashion market, especially for small business owners. Profits drive business owners to market their websites which indirectly increase the popularity of replica sunglasses. As you may ask if there is a possibility that large emergence of replicas may cause a sale drop to designer brands? Not exactly. Because designer sunglasses and replicas have differently targeted customers. Designer sunglasses is marketed as top quality high end fashion product, while replica is low end items. Actually replicas boost the popularity of designer brands.

How is the quality?

Depends. As for UV protection, there is no significant difference between that offered by a pair of £150 Tom Fords or Pradas and those you pick up for 5 bucks from a stall at Camden Market. This is because the UV protection involves dipping the glasses in a cheap formula that all manufacturers can afford. It’s compulsory under EU law, so all sunglasses are safe.

But, of course, when you pay more you generally get better quality. The frames will be made from durable, handmade acetate rather than being cheaply injection molded (usually handmade acetate ones are identifiable by the “core wire” in the frame). You also get stronger hinges and better lenses. It can’t be said often enough, though, that what matters most of all is not the brand or the price, but to find a pair that suits your look and face shape.