Whilst there has been an ever increasing public awareness in relation to the risks and health hazards that tap water poses, people have not been quite as well informed as to the necessary steps that have to be taken in order to adequately filter the water. Ignorance in this case is not bliss, but rather nothing short of downright dangerous.

A common mistake made by home owners when they attempt to filter their water supplies is that that they (wrongly) assume that a single sediment water filter is sufficient in order to properly and adequately filter and purify their water.

Sadly, a single filter of this sort is far from enough to actually purify the water to a sufficient degree and water experts have strongly recommended that if a home owner does intend to filter their water in this manner that they use more than one such filter.

The major problem with a sediment water drain filter is that whilst it is designed with the specific intention of purifying water supplies by removing sediments (solid waste) that maybe present within the water, the filter will slowly but surely accumulate all of the waste material.

In the end the filter will eventually become totally clogged and have to be replaced or repaired as its usefulness will become impaired. If you imagine a sediment filter as a container for dirt, grit and other large particles which are often found in a water supply, then you can appreciate both its function, and the problems it often encounters.

Problems arise as to the proper cleaning of the filter. Whilst chlorine can be used to disinfect it, the only effective way of ensuring that each and every one of the pores of the filter has been cleaned and safely, is to disperse the chlorine in the water.

This then means that the water is contaminated with chlorine a powerful and dangerous cleaning agent, and this poses a real risk to health.

Another, more effective and less risky way of cleaning the sediment water filter is to make use of special ultraviolet lamps which can be beamed directly onto the filter which will result in the bacteria being fried.

Just make sure that you wear protective covering for both your skin and your eyes, in order to prevent the harmful effects of the UV rays affecting you.

Carbon filters have been widely recognised as one of the best and most effective of all the various filtering systems, giving the user an unrivalled degree of peace of mind as a result.