In this age of massive technological expansion, majority of the people have preference for wireless network rather than for Ethernet cables. This is due to the fact that too many cables scattered everywhere in the office looks very clumsy. The greatest advantage of wireless network solution is that it enables you to remain connected at each and every hour of the day and you can even walk around with your laptop without plugging in for getting Internet connectivity. In case of wireless network, a broadcast signal makes use of one or more routers. Moreover, if you want to relocate yourself, all you need to do is transfer the wireless network setup physically.

Today, a large number of companies, irrespective of their size, are extending and making extensive use of their networking capabilities for areas such as Sales Force Automation and Customer Relationship Management. This helps in increasing the efficiency level and hence increases the profitability of the Cloud Computing organization. Wireless networking can also be used for transferring confidential data because it helps in sending and sharing data more rapidly.


Wireless network solutions have several benefits. They include:


  • It can be easily used when you are at home, in office or anywhere else without any hassle;
  • Wireless networking solution helps in increasing productivity at workplace;
  • Wireless routers are regarded as pocket-friendly and they are readily available in the market;
  • You can save a lot in terms of money because there is no need for any cable or other equipment and the maintenance cost is also low;
  • It is very useful, particularly for emergency services, when data needs to be transferred at a very fast rate;
  • Connectivity is available even in places that have very poor telecommunication infrastructure;
  • The installation of wireless LAN system is fast and easy because there is no need to pull cable through ceilings and walls;
  • Though the initial investment that is required for wireless LAN hardware is considerably higher when compared to the cost of wired LAN hardware, the life-cycle costs and overall installation charges may be lower.



There are also some disadvantages of wireless networking.

If you make use of this continuously, then it may give rise to different types of health hazards like nausea, amnesia, loss of memory, premature senility, cancer and lack of concentration. There is also an adverse impact on the environment due to the electromagnetic radiation emitted by these types of networks.

But remember that prior to setting up your organization’s network, you should at first chalk out a plan taking into consideration each and every department in your office as well as the employees. Thereafter, the execution of the plan should take place in a phased manner so as to ensure a high success rate and manage your budget more efficiently.