Ready-to-wear ladies wigs are usually only available in one ‘block’ colour

With the exception of dyed hair, natural hair is rarely made up of one single colour. In fact, there are several different tones that create a blonde, brunette or red head of hair. Grey hair is in fact hair that has lost most or all of its pigmentation (the grey or white appearance is reflected light) but will still have different tones to it. Thus, a good quality wig will emulate this realistic, multi-tone appearance and contain hair colour gradients or different hues/shades. It’s also common for wigs to reflect ‘highlighted’ hair and offer a ‘rooted’ option with darker colours at the roots. There are literally thousands of different colours from which to choose so you should find something that looks like your natural hair colour.

Ready-to-wear ladies wigs come in a ‘set style’

Many ready-to-wear wigs are cut and pre-styled – hence the name “ready-to-wear” (!) – but this is due to popular demand. In fact, many women like to wear their “usual style” or lead an active and busy life and need a wig that is low-maintenance and requires little styling. However, there are a large number of real hair, ready-to-wear wigs that do not come in a set style and offer a great deal of styling versatility! Your hair consultant should be able to provide advice on cutting, styling and colouring.

The hair on ladies wigs looks and feels fake

Women who need to wear a full coverage wig for the first time are sometimes apprehensive and worry that the hair will look and feel fake or artificial. However, thanks to advances in hair technology, synthetic hair is often as fine, silkier, more resilient and absorbs less moisture than human hair – for instance, it is not susceptible to frizz in harsh weather conditions. Real hair, ready-to-wear wigs often features the hair cuticle and ‘points’ – e.g. pointed tips to emulate natural hair. Altogether, this means that synthetic hair acts like human hair in its very best condition!

Wigs can fall off easily

It’s a very common worry that a wig might fall off at any opportunity and as a result, new wig-wearers tend to avoid social occasions or going out in windy weather conditions. Feeling that your wig is safe and secure is a top customer need and reputable wigs manufacturers invest a great deal in security technology. Many ready-to-wear ladies wigs near me offer internal silicone strips which offer extra staying power. Concealed miniature clips around the hairline also provide excellent security. Some manufacturers even offer a full silicone base – for those with total hair loss – which creates a vacuum between the base and the scalp, making the wig almost impossible to accidentally dislodge. In fact, with a silicone base wig, many wearers enjoy swimming or riding in an open top car.

Everyone can tell you’re wearing a wig

There are several approaches you can take to ensuring your wig looks as natural as possible. An experienced hair loss clinic or hair advisor will help you choose a ladies wig that takes into account your age, lifestyle and any other relevant factors. With age, natural hair tends to lose its density and colour vibrancy, so you might want to opt for a wig with natural grey or lighter tones. Because ready-to-wear wigs tend to contain more hair in general, many women opt for a wig two shades lighter so that it looks less ‘heavy’ and more realistic. The style you choose usually reflects your age and lifestyle needs – but this is entirely a personal decision.