Fighting an addiction and achieving sobriety is considered tough. However, experts feel, it is even more difficult to stay sober than attaining sobriety after treatment. Dealing with gnawing withdrawal symptoms would hold no meaning if a relapse happens soon after leaving a treatment center. For most of them, staying sober is like dangling off a cliff, with the lurking danger of falling any moment.

It is possible to remain sober for life after being discharged from a residential treatment center or after being out of treatment. But it calls for steely nerves and supreme determination on the part of the treated patient and unflinching support from close ones to ensure a long-term recovery. Thwarting temptation is a big challenge for all recovering addicts, but it is achievable as proved by countless former addicts who remained sober for the rest of their lives.

Ways to remain sober post treatment

Returning to one’s natural environment, where as an addict he once abused a substance, could evoke and spark off the same feelings and emotions, especially the situations in which the addiction happened. Success lies in overcoming these temptations in everyday life to stay sober after the completion of treatment.


    • Finding a support system: A conducive support system in the form of family and friends or any support group in the vicinity works wonders for a recovered addict. Being surrounded by people who have the best interests at heart for the former addict will always keep him or her off the substance.
    • Goal setting: With a definite goal ahead, a person tends to be more focused and motivated. Constant motivation about a positive future would help the person wean off the temptations. All the trappings of a sober life would always weigh on the temptations and help one stay away from substance abuse.
    • Changing the environment: It is very important to go for a complete overhaul of the surrounding at home before a recovered addict returns after treatment. A loved one should take Marijuana Withdrawal symptoms the initiative and change the entire ambience at home without leaving anything which could spark off old feelings and memories.
    • A proper follow-up program: Coming out of the detox center is not the end of it as treatment is a life-long process if one wants to stay sober after detoxification. A former addict who has come out of a rehab should schedule several follow-up programs which are a part of the treatment process. One must strictly and religiously adhere to these follow-up programs and never give them a miss at any cost. Being in constant touch with doctors and other treatment personnel after gaining sobriety will, in fact, help in staying sober for life.
  • Cultivating new habits: It helps to cultivate new positive habits and involve in holistic practices. One should try finding one’s true calling and stick to it. It takes patience and time to imbibe good habits, but it pays. Yoga, meditation, and other physical activities will keep a former addict in good stead. Building gratitude, helpfulness, and other noble habits will create magic in the long run and will always protect an individual from slipping into the muck of addiction.


Leading an addiction-free life

There are many lines of treatment for substance abuse and one needs to reach the right treatment center to find the best suitable treatment. Typically, the treatment begins with detoxification. Treatments that involve amino acid therapy or NAD IV therapy have been quite effective.